Lots of smaller steps equate to a bigger one

Few weeks back Magical posted something I think around procrastinating. Anyway as a result I figured just start, don’t worry if have time etc to do everything, just do one thing at a time. So step one started with getting some old plant pots and separating the mother plant into lots of potted babies.

Later that day although late (and concerned around having time to make dinner early enough in order to get to bed at a reasonable time) I decided to just give myself one hour outside. I quickly printed out a sign (with reminder to self as I begun not to get caught up wasting time attempting to make the sign ‘good’ just basics as making this a quick step was important).

I hesitated as to what to charge for the Aloe plants. I decided that I would write a higher amount than I expected to get on the printed sign with the intention to use a marker pen to ‘mark it down’ with a view to creating the ‘bargain effect’ Pete had mentioned witnessing at Boot Fairs. However as time was of the essence I thought I’ll try that next time as for now simply getting outside with the plants for sale would count as another step regardless of if I actually sold any – the primary point being to overcome the stuck stalling feeling.

To my delight I quite quickly sold two Aloe Vera plants. One to my upstairs neighbour for £1.50, and one to a neighbour up the road for £1.20. It seems people will pay more than I imagine.

I enjoyed being outside the front of the house as it gave me opportunity to interact with people which wouldn’t have happened otherwise.


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