Aloe Aloe Again

Today I have set up outside with the Aloe plants, this time with laptop so can write the blog posts while i’m sitting here. Have a sneaky suspicion today will be different as I myself am in a different space – less inspired more pushing through, somehow I think that can effect how approachable I am, plus I wonder if seemingly being engrossed in typing might be a put off. I will remember to look up and smile as and if anyone walks past. I am also now going to ask Ariel for assistance. Also is the consideration that the neighbours who have been past are mostly ones who’ve now seen me here before. Anyway we will see how it goes.

Also just remembered yesterday had been thinking i’d also get all the ties out and display them some how for sale for £1 each. However it’s now 19.40 and i’m going to stay out until 8pm as i’ll then need to go eat something and wind down to get to bed at a sensible time.

I had also intended to display the lamp my nan gave me, but on looking at it the thought of trying to put it together and attaching the glass lampshades my grandada had so carefully wrapped up felt like too much – i’d have to de-construct it or have it in my house if it didn’t sell. I’m now like ‘man what am I going to do with this!?’

I guess a next step will be to put it together and photograph it for sale on ebay/preloved/gumtree, or I can try coming out here again tomorrow earlier and putting it together to display.

I also am thinking I maybe need to start thinking of a next step do do with the £2.90 I have already in case the Aloe business is short lived.


Whoop whoop just now sold another one 🙂

Stake now at £4.40

I really like interacting with the people i’ve sold these to, enjoy sharing the information around the plants, their uses and how to care for them.

I miss the interactions I used to have with customers I sold sandwiches to (best in London at the time;)).

Maybe I’ll get a market stall….

Now its waaaay past my deadline so I best pack up and go inside zzzzzzzzzz


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