One step at a time is the key

Ok, so little steps are the key (for me at least:)). Setting up and beginning this blog has had challenges of its own yet already I’ve learned much and undoubtedly there’ll be plenty more to come.

So off to an enthusiastic start with no doubt the first step at least would be easily achievable for me. I’d already learned in life the knack to finding ‘things’ is to hold the conviction they will be found and then remain in an aware state of ‘looking’ without ‘trying’ too hard – it’s like picking wild strawberries in woodland, if you try too much they seem elusive but if relax and simply enjoy being at ground level with a quiet confidence as if by magic an abundance of them are gifted, in fact for me when it comes for picking wild strawberries it IS magic. So that was the easy bit for me, within minutes of being kindly dropped off at the station there was a 20pence piece. I was ecstatic and uncommonly enthusiastic to share my success by attempting to send the photo to multiple persons.

I spent the train journey home trawling through ‘the Rules’ and this is when I began to feel a little perplexed as I realised after step 1 there were no specific instructions on HOW to complete the next step of the ‘Game’.

Then after I’d gotten off the bus and was walking home I took the route through the park near home and stopped to spend time with a tree friend, while having a hug I looked down and there was another 20p! OK so the universe is wise and loving and will provide 20p’s lol. I could’ve enjoyed this moment more however at this point I was already running ahead in my mind and had begun wresting with my inner worrisome whiner ‘BUT what do I do now! I don’t know what to do and there’s no further instructions! Hmpf’.

I continued to worry myself with this conundrum for the remainder of my weekend. I ventured to pose the question to my companions how if they had 40p they would turn it into 80p’ (not strictly accurate to the game but close enough) they were intrigued and interested and a lively discussion came up with many possibilities unfortunately most of which didn’t quite fit within the Rules (as far as I was interpreting them at that moment – but more on that later).

Much of the suggestion involved using ebay/amazon etc and I felt a little frustrated as I have never quite gotten to grips with selling anything on these sites, perhaps made a few purchases but selling involves listing as well as arranging packaging and posting/delivering and I’d feel overwhelmed whenever I’d previously attempted to do this usually resulting in me deciding to give the items away to charity to avoid the frustration of first having to learn how to do it all before I could actually do it, never seems quite as quick and easy as I felt it should be. Obviously if and when I persevere with learning this then eventually I imagine it WILL be relatively quick and easy just first I must cross the hurdle of demystifying myself about it all.

Another thing which became very apparent to me while listening to my friends talk about the inventive ways how they make additional money (outside of their day jobs) was that I actually find these conversations really uncomfortable. I don’t feel able to join in, and I begin to unconsciously compare and define myself as lacking and feel inadequate.  Its painful. And it’s familiar.

Funnily enough one of my friends decides that he too wants to try doing the Game so while he doesn’t have the full Rules just the general concept of doubling off he goes and at last reports he had found some money and bought a book from a charity shop which he has listed on ebay. I’ll let you know how he gets on.

So I worried for the weekend, telling myself stories about how it might seem good that i’d roared off to a quick start but that meant nothing if i couldn’t sustain the momentum, telling myself that this is the story of my life, that while it looked a success to find the 40pence and jump ahead some steps really it just meant i’d been denied the learning I would’ve had from having to complete the earlier steps! Then eventually I simply said to myself ‘Stop! put these concerns aside for the time being as reaching and grasping and clutching for a solution as to how to make the next step isn’t going to help a creative flash of inspiration to come to me’.


So now Wednesday before last at the RL London group I am sitting there looking at the Aloe Vera plant which has been trying to multiply out of its pot ever since its been there and the thought comes to me that if I had this plant I would separate it into many. So I though hey why not ask, so I asked Kayleigh if she would be willing to sell it to me for 40p and her response was (I think she was feeling ‘the luurve’ at the time) ‘you can just have it if you want’ I told her no I had to buy it off of her so she said ok have it for 10p which we shook on and i said I would collect it the following week as I didn’t have the actual two 20pence pieces with me.

Roll on two days later and its late Friday evening and I decide to have a quick go at seeing how a wordpress blog is created, lots of quandary and abortive posts to the RLR1 fb page acting the damsel and unnecessarily wanting to ask for help when if I stopped telling myself I didn’t know what to do then I could with a little lateral thinking find out what I needed to find out. In the process I decide I needed to actually have read a blog to know what one looks like and thus get an idea of what i’d want mine to be like which led me to begin reading Pete’s blog. It is here I discovered I was being overly rigid in my interpretation of the Rules. LOl if only i’d read this earlier I could’ve already been in possession of an Aloe vera plant AND still have 40p.

Also reading Pete’s blog and learning from what he shared prompted me to research on ebay to see what other people were buying and selling Aloe plants for and determined ebay in this instance was not the way. While on there I also looked at mini plant pots and there were some lovely sweet coloured pots for sale at £1. As I still had 20p left I did consider putting the Aloe Vera aside and then seeing if I could turn the 20p with a view to at some point in the future having enough surplus to buy the pots and then possibly sell the plants for more or more easily as they’d be more attractively presented. I wasn’t yet quite sure if this would be permitted in the Rules, and also seemed a tad long winded while dealing with such small sums. If I did decide to sell in multiple parts I did consider advertising and offering to give 50% of the proceeds of the sales to charities as an additional incentive for buyers to add the ‘feel good’ element. Again this may be a little overly complex at this stage.

I read on to the later steps of Pete’s blog but soon began to recognise that for me reading too far ahead was creating a sense of overwhelm so I wisely decided to stop and resolved to revisit when I had completed a few more steps. Another lesson then in gathering information. Yet also I must make the distinction of gathering information relevant to the step I’m actually at.

So (I know I use ‘so’ a lot) I am now in possession of an Aloe Vera plant, which ended up costing me 20p as this was the price the seller was willing to accept on the day  I actually had the cash to exchange, lesson there is if it’s an advantageous deal then finalise asap lol, and I still have 20p. Next step to choose how to sell the Aloe Vera. I could break it into smaller plants and sell these, might be easier to persuade people to part with smaller sums of money but I may have to spend more time/generate more actual sales to achieve a similar return than if, assuming I can find a buyer, just sold is as one whole plant. If I did decided to sell it in parts then I could gather contact information from the buyers which I may be able to utilise to my benefit at some future point, not to mention the potentially fun interactions  I may have with passer by if I decide to attempt to sell them outside my house.

I’m not entirely clear yet re the Rules regards what I do with the remaining 20p but I guess these will become apparent as I go on and i’ll figure it out, or of course I can ask!

At the moment I am still weighing up if to offer the whole Aloe Vera plant for sale on the Real Love London Fb page (Kayleigh’s suggestion) with the added value that it is a special RL Aloe Vera plant 😉 or if tomorrow (weather permitting) i’ll split the plant and see if passers by will buy. As i’m writing i’m thinking I may as well cover both bases and post on the RLL Fb page overnight and see if I get any offers before I split the plant up.

Hmm now to figure out how to post this…






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