Do your research

Ok so as going to figure out how to post what I’d just written it seems the title of my previous draft at least had saved. Upside is the title prompted me to remember some of what I’d written about.

It was about the Ties. I’d gone online with view to seeing about listing the Ties on ebay and as a result of having read some of Pete’s blog I decided first off to research what Ties sell for. So on first looks it didn’t look promising, far too many for sale. I had the thought to look for 1940’s Ties as was wondering if I could pass off some of the ties as such thus creating greater value for them. I had overheard Naomi saying to list stuff as ‘sold as seen’ to avoid people returning things for random unfounded reasons so I figured i’d have that covered. More I looked though I figured that wouldn’t be a goer plus ethically not entirely sound as would be misleading and untrue and basically not good business. So then felt a little deflated around my choice to pick the Ties. Realised the Ties were boob choice for selling on Ebay etc but perhaps could find another way. Or even find something wacky n creative to do with them.

Either way at some point I still need to overcome the fear and break my Ebay selling cherry!


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